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Lucas' Christmas JumperJust dropping by quickly to put the latest knitting up.  This is my most recent, completed project.  It was made for my grandson for his 2nd birthday, just after Christmas and I’m pleased to know it does fit!  It’s always a challenge when the recipient lives so far away.

It’s on to the next one now, which is a cardigan for me and, (alternating with), some crochet cushions.

For those who would like to know the pattern is Sirdar and the wool, (from the local shop), is Sirdar Supersoft Aran – a joy to knit with.

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Yummy Bread

In my work I talk a lot about bread.  Aside from a definite professional interest, I am also a big fan.

Imagine then, my delight when I came across  a recipe for home made bread, (thanks to the wonderful people in blogland), that needs NO kneading – see what I did there? I had a go. This is my result:

BreadLooks a bit floury – hopefully that’ll brush off when it’s cooler.  I’m looking forward to trying some the moment it’s cool enough.

If you want to give it a go yourself, you can find all the details here. I can testify to it’s simplicity and it makes the kitchen smell wonderful!

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Dancing Stars

Christmas decos are underway chez moi and inspired by Lucy over at Attic 24 who in turn was inspired by The Royal Sisters I decided to have ago at making my own Dancing Stars garland to add to this year’s house decorations.

I haven’t finished yet – but here is the story so far:

2013-12-02 14.11.19

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Dear Diary…

Greetings all you lovely people!  Sorry I haven’t popped in recently, but I haven’t stopped making stuff.  My most recent task came from the arrival of my next year’s diary.  I have had the same type of diary for the past few years as it’s insides are just what I look for – page a day, (including a full page for Sunday – which you don’t get in most diaries); spaces that separate morning/afternoon  and evening and the lectionary for every day – very handy.  The only problem is, the outside is a bit boring:

2011 DiarySee what I mean?

Well, this year I used some handmade paper to make a cover and covered that with plastic laminate to strengthen it and came up with this:

Diary 2013It’s a bit quirky and bit me but a bit scruffy too – so I didn’t particularly want to do the same for next year.  I decided instead to cover next year’s with some IKEA fabric I’ve had in the stash for several years, (seriously, since 2003)! and came up with this:

2014 DiaryTa-Dah!  I also chose to tidy up the insides so that none of the rough edges show:

Open DiarySee?  Nice and tidy.  I used double sided sticky tape for this project but you could use a good fabric glue.  The wonderful Kate over at Eaglemum has a tutorial on how to cover a book with fabric; if you’d like to see it click here.

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Hippy(ed) Laptop

Hello Everyone!

Just popping in with a quick photo of my latest messing abouts.  To be fair, it is NOT all my own unaided work, since I bought the stickers from Hippy Motors – and, oh my, if I only had the time, my little Fiat would be plastered with their fabulous designs. For now though, my new laptop has been on the receiving end of their bounty.

Hippy Laptop

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Raglan Cardi

Hello you lovely people!

I read a great quote about knitting earlier in the week.  It went something like this: “Knitting is a lot like wizardry; you wave pointed sticks about, mutter to yourself and then something amazing happens.”

Well, this is the latest ‘something’ from my pointed sticks:

2013-05-25 14.51.12

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Hello all you lovely people!  The knitting needles don’t get much of a rest in this house and so the latest, (in a long line), of cushions has just come to reside in a chair near me…

Mitred Square Cushion

The mitred square pattern comes from this book where they show up as part of a beautiful blanket pattern.  The squares are very satisfying to make and much, much easier to make than they look.  I wouldn’t normally have chosen these colours, but because I was using the left overs from other projects this is what happened.

I like the way that, from a distance, the pattern looks a bit like a square spiral.  I am completely hopeless at maths, but I can appreciate geometry.

Hope you are well and happy – see you again soon.

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Rainbow Scarf

Rainbow Scarf

What to do with all those scraps of yarn left over…

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Knitting in circles,,,,

Hello all you lovely people!  The latest of my ‘makings’ turned out to be a very quick knit and has me well and truly in thrall to the art of knitting on double-pointed/circular needles.  From time to time I have experimented with circular knitting, but have always made a right pigs ears of it.  Recently though, my lovely and talented friend, S gave me a quick tutorial and voila! I can do it!  (Turns out I was attempting to knit upside down).  Anyway, I have been enjoying the circles so much I made a beret.  Here it is, modelled by the lovely Pooh Bear:

galaxy pix 073


and the back view

galaxy pix 077The yarn is Sirdar Crofter, Double Knit and this, (adult size hat) took less than 1 ball.  Crofter goes a long way and I love the way it looks like fairisle.  I took the photos with my new phone, (Samusung Galaxy Siii) and I’m enjoying the results.

Hope the Spring reaches you soon, x


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Red Jumper

002Hello lovely people!  This is the latest finished piece – another jumper for the special man in my life, (my grandson; just in case you thought the scale was wrong).  I used Sirdar Snuggly and it goes for miles.  It’s also lovely and soft.

We had some much longed-for sun today so I made the most of it and ventured into the garden to take the picture.  The weather forcast is promising rising temperatures and the beginning of spring any day now.  Can’t wait!  Hope you’re warm and cozy where you are,

bye for now

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