I’m beginning to think that I may be in need of a twelve-step program. I decided to have a go at one of Alice’s excellent tutorials and I’ve stayed up to finish it and post the results here. Do you think a Crochet Anonymous group even exists?

Anyway, here is my first attempt at a crochet tea cozy.

It’s not nearly as good as Alice’s – have a look at her work here

Of course, Alice has the added attraction of the very photogenic Raymond as well – but her stuff is gorgeous. I think I may have to do a bit of research on the American terminology; but I’m sure a bit of research on Google will do the trick. I am quite pleased that I managed to get mine to fit though as it’s a different size and slightly different shape from one in the tutorial.

This one will be going along to a Fairtrade Tea and Coffee Morning during the coming Fairtrade Fortnight, just to make sure that our fairly traded tea is nice and hot. I shall be having a go at a coffee pot warmer too soon, I’m not biased! I’ll sign off now as I really must stop all this faffing about and get to my bed.

G’night All – sweet dreams!


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7 Responses to Again???

  1. Patricia says:

    Brilliant – you’ve obviously inherited some of our Mam’s talents!

  2. Patricia says:

    You’re welcome darlin’. I’m hopeless myself, at any kind of handiwork except tatting – wot I can do well good! (I’ll send you a pic or too if you like – or even a sample!) I even sold some, at the shop where I bought my materials. I had taken some photos of the dolls Mam dressed as Dames de Sion, and for which I tatted the lace on the cuffs, the bonnets and borders of petticoats. The lady was so impressed, she asked to borrow the dolls to display in her window during a “Valais fortnight. If you would like one of the dolls (I still have two) Laura could bring one back for you next time she comes, or I will, when I finally manage to come over for a bit! HUGS xxx

  3. L-Mouse says:

    I love it! Very impressive!

    Patricia is “well good” at tatting, I sawed some when I was vistin’.

    Even though you have taken the first step in your addiction recovery but admitting you have a problem (very brave-bravo!) I feel the need for you to hold back your progress and help me please?

    I spent almost 4 hours (not kidding, that’s actually not an exegerration) last night trying to make the Granny Bunting from Alice’s lovely blog but I’m afraid, as a complete novice I just couldn’t get. Do you think you could do a pattern for a very simple way of doing crochet bunting please?

    Alice has some brilliant knitted bunting which I can make quite easily (and probably shall) but I would like to make crochet ones too.

    Thanks MB

    • zebeth says:

      OK BB, you do like offering me these challenges don’t you? I’ll get to work on a tutorial and post it up as soon as. Luckily for you, Wendy can take the pix and I’m housebound with yet another infection, (but I don’t feel too bad and I’ve got even more antibiotics), so I should get this done today.
      love you,

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